Towel Care Guide

Cotton Towel Care

100% organic cotton, hand-loomed in Turkey

Wash towels before use

We recommend soaking cotton towels to teach the towel how to be absorbent

Cotton Towel Preparation

Step 1. Soak towels in cold water. Soak all thick looped towels for 24 hours, and flat-woven towels for 12 hours. Make sure the towel is completely saturated with water. Work the water into the fibres of the towel

Step 2. Drip dry towels or spin in the washing machine. Then hang to dry or gentle tumble dry

Every Day Towel Care

Wash towels in warm water on a gentle cycle with similar colours

Wash separately or with similar colours

Line dry or tumble dry on low to medium setting (do not use a high setting, as this will damage the natural fibre)

Do not bleach, use fabric softener or harsh detergents

Should any loops in a thick looped towel get caught or hang long, cut the cotton off with sharp scissors at the length of the other loops

Flat-woven towels should not have their threads cut. Their threads should be gently pulled back into the weave of the towel, like you would on a jumper


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