Linen Bedding Care Guide


Linen Bedding 

Our Linen bedding has been made by our friends Carlotta + Gee.

Linen is a natural plant and fibre. It is in its rawest form so there may be some fluff when you first wash it. We suggest that you don't dry them in high temperatures and best to air dry them in the shade.

Linen Care Instructions

Wash linen in warm water on a gentle cycle with similar colours

Do not place washing powder directly on the linen

Line dry or tumble dry on low setting (do not use a high setting, as this will damage the natural fibre)

Wash separately or with similar fabrics

Do not bleach, dry clean or use harsh detergents

Avoid direct sun for a prolonged period, as natural fibres are susceptible to sun bleaching

No ironing required

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