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Wild Island Face Towel

Wild Island Face Towel

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Handcrafted in Turkey with the finest organic cotton, our thick looped towels are made by artisans. Each piece is a very special item.

Size 30 x 30cm


Handcrafted in Turkey with the finest GOTS certified organic cotton, our thick looped towels are made by artisans in traditional weaving villages on old style shuttled looms. The Ottoman weavers developed the looping technique in the 17th Century. This technique creates the most durable towels in the world. Our weavers create ultra-absorbent, 100% natural and earth-friendly towels that can withstand decades of use. Each piece is extremely special.

Towel Care

  • Wash prior to use
  • Wash towels in warm water on a gentle cycle with similar colours
  • Wash separately or with similar fabrics
  • We recommend soaking your towels to teach the cotton to be absorbent. See additional care details here
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low to medium setting (do not use a high setting, as this will damage the natural fibres)
  • Do not bleach, use fabric softener or harsh detergents
  • Should any loops get caught or hang long, cut the cotton off with sharp scissors at the length of the other loops
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